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Speak for India

Speak for India

KLE College of Law, Navi Mumbai organized the Preliminary Round of the prestigious Speak for India Debate Competition in collaboration with Federal Bank and Times of India, on 4th February 2023.

KLE college of law hosted the participants from various other colleges of Mumbai and Navi along with the students from KLE College of Law, KLE Science, and Commerce College. The students participated with zest and enthusiasm. The competition was judged by Adv. ShivrajRane and Mr. SushantMaggu.

The participants while preparing the speeches were timebound and yet spectators witnessed astonishing, well-constructed, and astute speeches which included euphemism, metaphor, and simile. The students were quick on their feet and showed how brilliant they were in the public speaking cadre even though they were restricted by time. Students not only showcased their oratory skills but also their general awareness of modern-day news, trends, and information. The topics given to them covered a whole spectrum from Crypto Currency to the Needs and Limitations of Technology.

The competition was conducted in two rounds. In the first round students were given 1 minute to speak. Topics were given on the spot. Students were allowed to speak in English, Hindi or Marathi. For the second round, 24 students were selected. They had to speak for 3 Min each, for or against the motion.

Out of the total of 80 participants, 24 students qualified for Round 2. After the commencement of Round 2, 6 students emerged as the District Winners and qualified for the Zonal Round. Out of the 6 qualifying participants, 3 students were students of KLE College of Law.

The program ended with the Vote of Thanks by Prof. Dinkar Gitte, Principal, KLE College of Law, Navi Mumbai and Mr. George, General Manager, Federal Bank.

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