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Institutional Distinctiveness

The vision of KLE Society has been the guiding light for KLE Society’s KLE College of Law, Navi Mumbai. It states that “to continually evolve as an organisation symbolizing global excellence in standards and commitments in the domains of quality education, health care and research, while at the same time adopting, nurturing and propagating democratic values, charitable virtues and a philanthropic culture”.

We have aligned the vision of our college in line with the vision of KLE Society. Our vision is “KLE Society’s KLE College of Law, Navi Mumbai is determined to achieve exceptional higher legal education and establish eminent research institute in Maharashtra in order to best serve the needs of the students and nurture them holistically to take social responsibility. Our aim is to create a stellar legal institute that produces eminent lawyers who not only excel in their specialization but focus on uplifting the society”.

In congruence with these, we focus upon creating eminent lawyers who are an asset to the society and serve their cause for the humanity.We are proud to share that as our institutional distinctiveness, majority of our alumni have been enrolled with State Bar Council of Maharashtra and are practicing advocates. We continue to strive to train our students to be successful advocates and help the needy in the society.

We strongly believe advocacy as helping someone speak up and be heard, making sure their opinions, desires, and feelings are acknowledged and taken seriously. A lifeline for many, advocacy encourages people to participate more in crucial life decisions.Advocates empower people in making informed decisions by educating them about their rights and options. We support people in leading the lives they desire!