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Principal’s Desk




KLE Society College of Law, Mumbai envisions to impart value based legal education with the commitment to serve society. KLE Society, which has been in service of nation since last 101 years and yet marching forward tirelessly, our aim, is to inspire students to learn and understand Dharmam Sarvampratishtitam (Law is Supreme and not the Learners). It is the law alone that brings equality amongst unequals.

Our college environment is conducive for students to acquire requisite skill-set as we encourage participation in various curricular and co-curricular activities, such as Moot Court Competition, Trial Advocacy, Debates, Elocution, Conference, Workshops and Classroom discussions. With the best infrastructure and well-equipped library, we provide our students the best opportunities in exploring the world of legal knowledge.

Our goal is to imbibe core values of discipline, punctuality, and ethics which are quintessential to student progress. Our teachers have vast experience and expertise in the field of law. We aim to build leaders who shall stand for social, political and economic justice. We strive for society that is Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha (If we protect the law, the law shall protect us).

We welcome you to join our premier institution and contribute towards building a just and equal society.